Self-Guided Virtual Histology Labs

How to use this resource

These lab worksheets are designed to guide you through a laboratory experience in histology. There are no labeled images here, as the goal is to get you to practice identifying structures on your own. I strongly suggest using a companion atlas or digital resource as you work through these exercises. I also suggest keeping a notebook (either digital or paper) to write down, draw, and diagram your way through these exercises. 

My suggested workflow:

Watch or read didactic material (In-house lectures or a textbook) > Work through labs with an atlas. 

Looking for an atlas? Visit the Suggested Resources page

Introductory Materials

4 Tissue Types

Organs and Organ Systems


Virtual slides linked to in this virtual lab come from two sources:

Saint Louis University's Virtual Slidebox

University of Iowa's Virtual Slidebox

The laboratory exercises were designed and written by Aidan Ruth, PhD.